Rupert – Reserved

[singlepic id=12364 w=320 h=240 float=left]Rupert is  2 year old Mastiff cross weighing in at 38kg so he is not small.  This young man has spent quite a lot of his time on his own, and now needs a family who are going to show him that there is a lot of life to live.

Rupert currently in foster care on a farm and this is what his foster family have to say about him.

“Do not judge a book by its cover!!
This is one big soft lump. He does not have a bad bone in his body. He loves everything. Rupert is a big lovable bear.  BUT –

  • His size has made finding him a family hard
  • Rupert did have a very bad habit of pulling when on a lead but, thanks to his new fan-dangled harness, this is a problem of the past.
  • Poor Rupert has been with us for months and desperately needs his own family. (He’s watched all the other dogs get chosen and leave. He can’t understand why he never gets picked)
  • Rupert needs a family with older children ( due to his size)
  • A family that have a warm house ( he likes to be warm)
  • A family that don’t mind loud snoring ( it’s bad!!)
  • A family with a large sofa! ( he likes to be comfy)
  • A family that likes slobbery kisses ( he’s very affectionate)”

Rupert is still only young and has endless amounts of love to give.  He adores attention and fuss he is desperate for the right family too come along and let him join their family

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First posted 26.12.18