Remember The Branch in your Will

There are a number of ways to donate to the branch. One is by specifying the RSPCA Tameside and Glossop Branch when writing your will so you can ensure your bequest benefits local animals.

There are three ways to do this:


A residuary legacy is the gift of the residue of your estate, or a percentage of the residue, after your debts have been settled and any legacies you leave to other people have been paid. If you leave your whole estate as a gift, this is also known as a residuary legacy. Generally, this kind of legacy is of the greatest benefit to the RSPCA Tameside and Glossop Branch, as its value increases in line with the value of your estate.


A specified sum of money, decided when the will or codicil is written, is called a pecuniary legacy.


When a particular item of value is bequeathed, this is a specific legacy. This includes stocks and shares, the proceeds of a life assurance policy, property, furniture and jewellery.

Please remember to include the full name of the branch not forgetting our charity number 232260 in your Will to ensure that your bequest benefits local animals in need.