Assisted Neutering Scheme

The Assisted Neutering Scheme is for people on low income.

In association with local veterinary surgeons the branch is able to offer financial assistance to people on means tested benefits. Owners are given a voucher to offset some of the cost of this operation. Due to to pressures on limited branch funds we are only able to offer help to people in receipt of means tested benefits

If you would like to have your animal neutered and live in branch area, in the first instance please contact:

The RSPCA’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital,
411 Eccles New Road,
M5 5NN
Tel: 0300 123 0711

They now cover the Glossop area with post codes of SK13 in addition to all those areas in Greater Manchester.

Or speak to your your local veterinary surgeon to ask if they participate in our scheme.

To find your nearest veterinary surgery please Find a Vet – RCVS.

This scheme is operated to reduce the number of unwanted animals in our area.