Our Policies

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  • Members of the Public residing in the branch area and in receipt of certain means tested benefits are assisted to meet the cost of emergency veterinary care.
  • The branch offers low cost neutering of animals belonging to people living in the branch area and in receipt of certain means tested benefits.
  • The branch only accepts animals for re-homing from RSPCA Inspectors. The Branch does not accept unwanted or stray animals directly from members of the public.
  • Animals which come into the branch for re-homing will be kept for a minimum of 4 months and if no potential adopter has come forward during that time the branch will then undertake a targeted marketing campaign to minimize the length of time an animal remains in kennels in order to keep down levels of stress this can cause to the animal.
  • Animals will be micro-chipped prior to leaving our care.
  • Adoption Fees are as follows and must be paid in full at the time of adoption:
    • Dogs and puppies – from £120 (Adult) – from £150 (puppy under 6 months)
    • Cats – from £60 – kittens from £70
  • Dogs, puppies and kittens will not, as a general rule, be rehomed to families with children under five. This policy has been developed to protect very young children, where an animal is very young or has come from an abusive background or has no known history.
  • We will not rehome cats or dogs to families whose other dogs and/or cats have not been neutered or are not up to date with vaccinations unless there are veterinary reasons for this.
  • Cats will not be rehomed to a mainly outside environment unless they are considered unsuitable to live in a family home.
  • Cats will only be rehomed to a totally indoor environment in exceptional circumstances.
  • Adopters who live in a tenanted property will need to prove that their rental agreement allows a certain number of pets at the property.
  • Dogs will not be rehomed to families whose members are out at work and/or school all day, unless an individual dog is deemed suitable, and arrangements for their care during the day have been made. This policy has been developed due to the high number of dogs which have come into branch care due to their previous owners’ work commitments, with the resultant destruction to property or complaints from their neighbours. Dogs are social animals and often become stressed if left for long periods of time.
  • Read our policy on rehoming animals at Christmas or other national holidays
  • All adopters of dogs will be given a voucher to offset the cost of neutering, if this has not already been carried out by the branch. All cats (if the right age) will be neutered prior to leaving the cattery. Dogs and cats will have been given their first vaccinations against the primary diseases and, for dogs, this will include one against kennel cough. Depending on the length of time they have been with the branch, they will probably have received the second, and final vaccination of the initial course. All animals will be wormed and de-fleaed on entry.
  • Potential adopters must meet the animal they have chosen prior to adoption. The branch will not rehome any animal unseen by the adopter. This is to ensure a suitable match is made and both parties “get on well together”.
  • All potential adopters will be contacted within 48 hours of choosing their animal to arrange a home visit prior to adoption to ensure that a successful match is made between the adopter and animal to be re-homed. A post adoption visit is then arranged to discuss any problems, etc.

Please note that these policies are specific to this branch and in no way obviate the Policies of the National Society which this Branch fully endorses.  For RSPCA Policies visit their website at www.rspca.org.uk