Sick Animals/Pets

If your animal is in need of medical treatment you MUST get help.

Take it to your nearest veterinary surgery or call their out of hours telephone number  which can be found in the “Yellow Pages” or your telephone book. Or click here for a list of local surgeries.

If you can’t speak with your own vet try Vetfone who provide an immediate source of expert advice: 0906 500 5500

(The average cost of a call to Vetfone is about £6 – £10 which is considerably lower than the average vet initial consultation. Calls are charged at £1.50 per minute.)

If you are on low income you may be entitled to Assisted Veterinary Treatment.

If the animal does not belong to you

If you know of a wild animal or a pet belonging to someone else that is sick/in distress/not getting necessary medical attention please call the to the National helpline: 0300 1234 999