The Adoption Process

We aim to ensure a successful adoption and a happy and contented relationship between the rescued animal and his/her new family for many years to come. All potential adopters must meet the animal which interests them and if they would like to go ahead with the adoption we have a process to follow which applies to anyone who wishes to adopt an animal from our branch (it’s really quite painless, our volunteers are lovely!).

  1. Once you have chosen your new companion a member of our Home Visiting Team will visit you in your own home. This is to discuss any concerns you may have prior to adopting one of our animals. It is also so we can assess whether your home is suitable for the animal you wish to adopt. Sometimes it’s possible to have a quick chat over the phone prior to a home visit.
  2. If everything is fine and you have had time to carefully consider if a rescued animal is right for you, and your family, arrangements can be made to bring him/her home.
  3. A follow-up visit is arranged a few weeks later to ensure that everything is going well and your new friend has settled in.
  4. Any worries you may have can be discussed at this stage. Of course, we hope that everything will go smoothly. But, the first few weeks of getting to know each other, especially for a first time owner, can be stressful. Small concerns can become a real worry and by discussing any problems we hope to set your mind at rest or to help overcome any difficulties.

Things to Consider Before Adopting a Rescue Animal

Owning a pet and especially one that has been ‘rescued’ is very rewarding but you should think very carefully before you take any animal into your home.

  • An animal is a living creature which will be dependent on you for the rest of its life.
  • Dogs and cats can live well into their teens.
  • Veterinary care is expensive.
  • Is your life style suitable for the animal?
  • Dogs left for alone for long periods become unhappy and destructive.

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