Assisted Veterinary Treatment Scheme

This scheme is operated to prevent the unnecessary suffering of animals in need of urgent veterinary attention.

If your animal is in need of medical treatment you MUST get help.

Take it to your nearest veterinary surgery or call their out of hours telephone number or contact Pet 999 for out of hours emergency treatment.   They will treat your pet no matter which vet practice you are registered with.

People in living in the Branch area and in receipt of means-tested benefits are asked to take their animals, in the first instance to:

The R.S.P.C.A.’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital
411 Eccles New Road
Salford M5 2NN
Tel: 0300 123 0711

Opening hours for open consultations are Monday to Friday 7:30am – 4pm.
(You do not need an appointment but please be prepared for a long wait AND you should take proof of your benefit and a recent utility bill as additional ID)

Alternatively, contact a local private veterinary practice to find out if they will accept the RSPCA’s Assisted Treatment vouchers before booking an appointment.

In association with local veterinary surgeons the branch is able to offer financial assistance to people on means-tested benefits.

Due to pressures on limited branch funds we are only able to offer help on bills over £40.00 to people in receipt of means tested benefits and the maximum we can offer towards your vet fees is £35:

It is a criminal offence to knowingly deny an animal veterinary treatment and subsequently cause that animal to suffer unnecessarily.


If you can’t speak with your own vet, why not contact Vetfone? A service similar to NHS Direct, they can be contacted when you are concerned about your pet – Vetfone provide an immediate source of expert advice. VETFONE National Helpline: 0906 500 5500

The average cost of a call to Vetfone is about £6 – £10 which is considerably lower than the average vet initial consultation. Calls are charged at £1.50 per minute.

  • 57 per cent of calls are dealt with by advice alone
  • only 14 per cent are advised to visit their vet urgently