Coronavirus Updates

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RSPCA Greater Manchester Animal Hospital

The RSPCA’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital, due to the current Coronavirus emergency, is now only open for emergencies.  

You will now need to ring the hospital with your details to make an appointment to avoid a packed waiting room and queue at the door.  This is to protect pet owners themselves and the staff working in the hospital. 

To make an appointment to see a vet you must ring the hospital on 0300 123 0711.

Bowler’s Cattery

Bowler’s Cattery where many of our cats are privately boarded is currently closed to protect visitors and staff alike.  Once the current Covid 19 tier reduces they will again open.

When they do open visitors will still have to make an appointment and it will be essential to bring your own masks and gloves.  

Perfect Match

For our perfect match form and details of our adoption process please send us an email