Springer Spaniel – Amo – Found

Amo has been reunited having been found in Bedfordshire.  171 days after being stolen.

On 15th September, 2018, my darling Amo was stolen from the Midland Game Fair, Telford. She is my first pup that I bred myself and I am beyond heartbroken that she has been taken by somebody.
Amo is now 18 months old, she was born unable to breathe on her own. Amo was the last pup of five, and her mother was very tired after 12 hours of labour.

Before she was born, we unfortunately had a still-born, so when Amo was struggling to breathe, I was determined that I was going to pull this tiny puppy
through. It took 45 minutes of me rubbing Amo up and down with a towel to get the blood to flow through her body to enable her to breathe on her own. After those long 45 minutes, Amo was able to breathe independently and
joined the other three puppies who were successful in their delivery. From the
moment she was born, I had a connection with my little girl, I knew that she
was mine, and I loved her from that moment onwards.

There is a MASSIVE REWARD for the safe return of my Amo.
No information is insignificant, please come forward in confidence