Meet Ginny, who is estimated to be about 3 years of age. She has been living on the streets for some months and came to us when her finder thought she was pregnant. However, our vets discovered her neutering scar and confirmed that she definitely wasn’t expecting kittens.

After living in her foster home for 3 weeks we have found that she will best as a house cat. She loves nothing better than to explore her domain and would rather not sniff the outside air.

So, if you have a large house and are prepared for a kitty who likes to disappear during the day until it’s time for dinner then Ginny could be the perfect cat for you.


Lovely Ginny is currently living with her foster family where she is settling into domesticity and loving to hide in various places around the house giving her carers a bit of a scare each day.

If you would like to arrange to meet her with a view to adoption please send an email or text with a contact address to 07954122481 and we will send you our perfect match form.