Marlin – Rehomed

[singlepic id=12747 w=320 h=240 float=left]Marlin, is now in the care of one of our Trustees, who is classed as a front line worker (animal care) and a regular fosterer of branch dogs.   When we needed to amend her microchip details we found that we had been given the wrong number, only one digit out but it made all the difference.   She will be celebrating her 13th birthday on 1st May this year.

Her blood tests have come back as normal even when we thought she was 10 so they are really good for a 13 year old.   She is now being weaned off the steroid tablets which were prescribed to help with her ear problems and we hope that she will soon be much better.

Because of her ongoing ear problems and now a suspicious lump whose biopsy is inconclusive, we have to wait until the vets at the hospital decide whether to remove the lump once the Covid 19 lock down is over or to leave it now we know her real age, but  we are putting this lovely Border Collie on hold until she is pronounced fit to go.  We will contact everyone again once we have the all clear from her veterinary surgeon.

She is a small border collie who is a little overweight and is unsure about some dogs she meets.  Marlin came to the branch to find a new family via one of our RSPCA inspectors as her previous owner is ill (not with Covid 19).

We are looking for a quieter home for Marlin, with a garden where she can play fetch and one where her new family will take her to new places and help her to enjoy life.

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First published on 27.2.20 having been in kennels since before Christmas