Missy – Rehomed

[singlepic id=12666 w=320 h=240 float=left]Missy is a 3 year old German Shepherd who is now desperate for a home to call her own.   Missy came into foster care in quite poor condition and she does need someone who at is home with her quite a lot of the time, as she is desperate to love someone.

This is what her foster family have said about Missy

Missy is looking for a very special family who will have the time and patience to help her adapt to normal life. She is 100% dedicated to who ever she is with at any one time and is very vocal if she can not be in actual contact with you (she does stop if she can’t physically see you after a minute or two.

Unfortunately Missy has not been socialised and can be very guarding of you when other dogs are near. (We just muzzle her when out walking her.)  She is just totally dedicated to the person she is with due to her lack of socialisation.   Missy is very friendly with humans and loves everyone.

We would like to find her a home where someone is home most of time, ideally where children are over 12 (simply due to her size) and where there are no other pets.

Missy needs to be an only dog and we are looking for a home with no other animals because at the moment she does not want to share that special person with other pets, and that special person needs to understand that she may not be completely house trained.

Missy has such a lot to give and just needs someone who is an experienced German shepherd or similar breed owner who will give her lots of patience and kind but firm training so she gains the confidence she needs to blossom.

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