Thomas – Rehomed

[singlepic id=12172 w=320 h=240 float=left]Thomas is approximately 6 years old and was originally from another rescue where he was found feral and in an emaciated state.

This is what his owner has to say about him. “He was in their kennels down south for a long time with no interest in him, so it was suggested that he be moved up to Manchester. That was where I found him. When he came here he was very scared but first night followed me into the bedroom an never looked back. He gradually got used to people. Now he loves everybody . The other rescue thought he had been homeless for two or thee years. Thomas is a lovely, gentle dog, very obedient, very clean. He eats dried food, grazing a bit at a time. When I’m out, he sleeps in a cage which is kept open during the day and which he goes in and out of. It will break my heart to lose him, but I have no alternative. Whoever he goes to will be lucky to get him.”

Unfortunately his owner can no longer keep him as he has to go into sheltered accommodation.  Thomas does bark a lot when he sees another dog.

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First posted 6.6.18