Purdy Lurcher – Rehomed

[singlepic id=12000 w=320 h=240 float=left]Purdy came to the branch to find her forever family via one of our Inspectors at the begining of the year. She is two and a half years of age and a typical, medium sized, lurcher of about 24 inches to her shoulder. Purdy definitely has greyhound or whippet in her make up but what else is anyone’s guess.

Purdy is an excellent jumper and VERY fast so we think that she may enjoy agility.  But she would need a confident, experienced agility home, as she does like to play with her doggy friends.

Please visit this rescue website which has excellent advice for potential Lurcher owners.

She had never lived in house but she quickly became clean in her foster home, and is enjoying life and regaining her mischievous puppy hood. She has a happy, bouncy nature and loves to steal shoes etc. but doesn’t object to them being taken from her as it’s all just just a game to this funny little girl. Her new family should also be aware that she is a bit of a “counter surfer” so food items shouldn’t be left out on the kitchen worktops.

Purdy is currently living with another dog and gets on well with him and is good with other dogs she meets of all sizes. As she is quite strong on her collar and lead she currently wears a dogmatic head collar.

Even though Purdy was a non-chaser in her previous home, we are looking for a cat and small animal free home and one with or without children over 8 years of age and where she won’t be left alone for more than short time.

Sighthound experience would be an advantage.

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First posted 7.1.18