Thomas and Magic – Rehomed

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[singlepic id=11844 w=320 h=240 float=left]Thomas and Magic are brothers who were born to a feral mother and came to the branch at about 10 weeks of age.  They are now 16 weeks old and although they have been living in a foster home and are quite a bit braver now, they still hate to be picked up.  They are using their litter tray and are happy to be left to their own devices in their temporary foster family’s dining room and are quite used to the family sitting down to dinner etc. even letting the humans gently touch them and accepting food from their hands.

Now they have had their first vaccinations and have been neutered we are looking for a home for them where they will be left very much to their own devices but where they will be warm and cared for.

Given time they may become more used to their special family/families but they may never really lose their wild streak, so a home in a farm, stables or one where they can roam to their hearts’ content and come and go as they please will be ideal.

If you have that special home these boys need we’d love to hear from you.

First posted: 7.10.17