Shadow – Rehomed

[singlepic id=11810 w=320 h=240 float=left]Shadow is a 15 week old female Malamute crossbreed.  Shadow is currently in a foster home where she lives with another dog and is enjoying running round with it.

She already knows a few commands and is learning to walk on her lead.  She mainly goes outside to go to the toilet but sometimes does forget but she is still only a puppy and needs an owner who understands her breed as they can be stubborn.

Shadow is very loving and enjoys nothing more than going to sleep near you.  We will not rehome her with young children under 8 years of age due to the fact that Shadow has sharp little claws which could easily hurt a child and she will grow up to be a medium sized dog at least so she could knock a little one over.

It’s important that any family who would like to adopt Shadow are aware that although she is super cute and will grow into a lovely dog she, like most puppies, will be hard work and need commitment from her family to attend training classes as soon as possible.  Malamutes have been bred to think for themselves as working dogs and can be quite challenging if their family aren’t prepared to keep up their training even as they grow into adults.

To make an appointment to meet Shadow with a view to adoption please send an email or leave a message or text at 07954122481 with your contact number and email address so that we can send you our perfect match form.  Or, you can download it here

Find out more about our adoption policies here and caring for a puppy