Zabba (aka Frank the Beagle)

[singlepic id=10073 w=320 h=240 float=left]I just wanted to send you an update on “Frank the Beagle”, seeing as it’s a year today that we adopted him and gave him his forever home.

He’s happy and extremely well looked after and we wouldn’t be without him now, even though he is so mischievous.

I compose Bespoke Poetry so as today is “Zabba’s” “Forever Home Day”, I have written this for him and I would like to share it with you all along with a couple of photos…..

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“Happy Forever Home Day”

You are our fur baby and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
It’s been a year today, since you came to stay.
We’re overjoyed you’ve found, your forever home.
Now we know, you’ll never feel alone.
When we adopted you, you were slim and your name was Frank,
Now you’re called Zabba and you’re built like a tank.
During your first few months here, you really put us to the test,
You were highly strung and we didn’t get much rest.
Now you’re completely different, it’s wonderful to see,
But you’re still as Bonkers as a Beagle could ever be.
You love to go for walkies, it does Mummy good too,
She’s much fitter now and that’s all thanks to you.
You love your rough and tough with Daddy, at the end of the day,
You bark and whinge at him, when you want him to play.
Your favourite toy’s your rope and you don’t like to share,
You hold onto it with your mouth as Daddy swings you through the air.
You love your creature comforts but you love ours more,
You steal Daddy’s place on the bed in a morning, as soon as he walks out the door.
Lie ins at weekend, have become a thing of the past,
Because you take up all the bed and we feel we’ve been outcast.
You really don’t like it, when the Postman calls,
We’re certain given half the chance, you’d have him by the b***s.
We always know, when the big Rottweilers are out,
You tear a**e round the house and have a right good shout.
You’re still a little destructive, especially with underwear,
If you carry on destroying Mum’s knickers, her a**e is gonna be bare.
You’re a little unsure of kids and tall men but with Alec and Daniel you’re okay,
You give them lots of doggy kisses every single day.
Even though you can be a pest, you make us laugh so much,
You bring joy to our lives, with your mischievous touch.
So because we don’t know when your Birthday is, we just want to say,
As it’s been a year, Happy Forever Home Day.