Max – Mastiff x – Rehomed

[singlepic id=9062 w=320 h=240 float=left]Max is 6 years old.  Max is sometimes cross eyed but it does not stop him from doing anything.   This young man has always lived as an outside dog but now he is in foster we can report he is perfectly clean in the house, and when they come home his fosterers say it is like he is smiling at you.  We are looking for a home now where he will live in doors, but we have to admit that he loves to lie in the sun, we cannot wait to see this wonderful young man happily sunbathing in his forever home.  Max loves a cuddle and giving kisses.   We have now introduced him to loads of new things and he takes everything in his stride.  He just loves to say hello to everyone he meets, hoping they may have a treat in their pockets.

We found him to be perfectly clean in his kennel and we think that it is now time he found a lovely fire to curl up in front of.   He does not react to other dogs when they bark at him, and he is quite happy to walk side by side with other dogs. He just loves being with people.   Max will make a very loving family member.

Hooray we have found Max a foster home.   And his fosterers think I should start his write up by telling you they think he is a big soft gentle dog.   Today they took him into the park where he met loads of other dogs and humans both big and small and just loved them all, and on his return had a drink and something to eat and then crashed on his bed and snored for the rest of the afternoon.   Max is now enjoying seeing new things.

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First published: March 17th 2015