Bailey & Bella – Rehomed

[singlepic id=9083 w=320 h=240 float=left]Bella and Bailey are mum and son who have come to the branch after their owner asked for us to help as he was being evicted.   They had an horrendous life as their owner was dependent on drugs and alcohol resulting in a squalid environment for everyone in the home.  They have been used to having things thrown at them or kicked if they were spotted on a daily basis.

We are ideally looking for a long-term foster home as they are going to need a room to themselves away from the day to bustle of an ordinary household and someone with lots of time to work on gaining their trust and to show them that not all humans are cruel to little cats.

They are litter trained but will lash out if they think are being threatened. We will provide backup support but their foster family will need to be aware that gaining their trust will not be easy.

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