Sasha – Rehomed

[singlepic id=9050 w=320 h=240 float=left]Sasha, who is about 2 – 3 years of age, came to the branch to find a new family from the RSPCA’s Animal Hospital where she had been signed over by her previous family who weren’t meeting her needs.  She has been rarely walked and they said she steals food, which isn’t surprising because she is very thin and very hungry.  But now she is getting regular meals in kennels and enjoying going out with our volunteer dog walkers she should soon reach her ideal weight and body shape as she builds up her muscles.

Our dog walkers report that they have found her to be a lovely, little dog who loves cuddles and kisses and sitting on your knee.  She will make a loyal and loving companion for any family, although we are ideally looking for a more mature home for Sasha, as she needs a little help to overcome her fear of traffic which we are working on.   She doesn’t bark at cars but does cling to her dog walker for reassurance and her adopters will need to continue to help her gain in confidence.

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