Alfie – one of the 11 update

[singlepic id=8529 w=320 h=240 float=left]Alfie sent us an email with the help of his human kennel mates:

Hi, my name is Alf (Animal Life Form as the older pup calls me), or Alfie.

Met my new pack last week, which was great fun. When we got to the new kennel the two older pups took me into the garden, wow, what a lot of sniffs in there.

That night I was going to sleep in a basket next to the older pups bed, the Kennel was a bit hot though and it was cooler in the bathroom on the tiles, luckily someone found a great smelling jumper for me to lie on.

Next morning we went back out to the sniff space, much, much to my relief. Then the older pups went off to school, which gave me time to rest a little.  Gosh, they have some energy.

The sniff space is a great place, although it was a bit of a shock to find the drinking bowl was deep enough to swim in, one relief was they aren’t any piranhas and it’s easy to get out of (which was good because one of the big ones was too busy laughing to help get me out).

Just one thing left to do and that is talk to the big ones about puppy food, it’s embarrassing having to pretend to go to sleep to pass that type of flatulence.

Things are great, but what is good? I’ve a lifetime to train them.

Love Alfie.

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