We are full and NOT taking cats or kittens directly from the public

[singlepic id=6987 w=320 h=240 float=left]The branch is experiencing its worst kitten crisis in many years.  We are completely full and simply can’t accept any more cats or kittens directly from members of the public.  Our waiting list is now closed!

Please respect the private homes of our volunteers and don’t expect them to accept unwanted kittens when they can’t feed or afford veterinary care for more than they are currently caring for in their homes.

We are a very small independent branch of the RSPCA, managed and run entirely by volunteers who struggle to raise enough money to help all the animals we care for in an average year. But this year is exceptional in the sheer number of unwanted kittens being abandoned or being left at the homes of our volunteer fosterers and those of local vets. We are not just running out of funds but rapidly overwhelming our volunteer foster carers who are finding it so stressful that they are having to say they can’t manage any longer.

Please if you have a female cat or cats telephone or text the branch directly 07954122481 and leave a message to ask for a voucher towards neutering costs or, send an email to office@rspca-tameside-glossop.org.uk.  Alternatively contact Cats Protection on 03000121212. All we and Cats Protection ask for is for proof that you are in receipt of means tested benefit and we will send a voucher to offset the cost of spaying your female cats.

All cats can be neutered at an early age, although many vets will want to wait until kittens are 16 weeks of age so there is now no excuse not to have your cats neutered.