Kaiser – Rehomed

[singlepic id=7214 w=320 h=240 float=left]Kaiser is a 4/5 year old dog who came to the branch from the RSPCA’s Animal Hospital to find a caring new home.  He is quite a small dog but not tiny.  Our dog walkers say that he gets on well with the other dogs at the boarding kennels we use and is a really great, little boy.

We are looking for an adult only family or one with children over 12, for Kaiser as in his previous home he found it difficult to cope with a large, boisterous, young family.

As you can see from his photographs, Kaiser is a real mix of breeds and the collie genes are in evidence, but as for his longish body and short legs his other ancestors could be anything.  Perhaps a Jack Russell? Or a Welsh Corgi? Or even a Basset Hound? We welcome suggestions but are really hoping for the offer of a lovely home for little Kaiser.


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first posted 20.9.14