Get Puppy Smart

According to recent research a fifth of people who bought a puppy in the past two years no longer have their dog which is a particularly sad fact and only adds to the growing number of dogs that need rehoming.

A dog can live for 15+ years and owning a dog is a big, long term commitment.

If you do decide you want a puppy (please also make sure you read the final note at the bottom of this page) it would be wise to spend plenty of time researching; it makes all the difference!

The RSPCA Puppy Smart animation gives you top tips on how to find a good breeder and how to select a happy and healthy puppy. It also helps you consider important questions to help you decide if getting a puppy is really the right decision, including:

  • What are the dangers of buying cheap puppies online?
  • Have you thought about what sort of dog would suit your lifestyle?
  • Do you know how much a dog will cost per year?

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The Truth About Getting a Puppy

There is a dark side to buying a puppy – if you don’t know where your puppy comes from you could end up paying the price of emotional and financial heartache.

Why shop when you can adopt?

Sadly, too many dogs of all ages, puppies to pensioners are currently sat in rescues up and down the country with no home to call their own. These dogs ended up in rescue for a variety of reasons such as neglect, abuse, unwanted presents, old dogs replaced by a puppy (yes, really!), bereavements and even simply because the owners just ‘want to get rid’.

Rescue dogs, believe it or not are the lucky ones. Many others are PTS by owners because they can no longer care for them or as unclaimed strays – this is because the rescue centres have no room for them.

Before buying, please please please consider doing something wonderful and giving a rescue dog a second chance. Every time a rescue dog is adopted a space comes available so by rescuing one dog you could in fact be saving the life of another.