Lost and Found Pets

Animal Search UK is a completely free service relying on public donations only.

Alternatively, Pets Located.com is free for those reporting a found animal and anyone wishing to log a lost pet is asked for a fee of £10+VAT to use the service for 12 months, which includes posting details of the lost pet online and on social media and the facility to create your own ‘lost pet’ poster, as well as giving access to the database of found pets.

People should continue to check with local services such as dog wardens and vets if their pet becomes lost.

The RSPCA also recommends microchipping animals as one of the best ways of being reunited with a pet if it goes missing.

Lost, Stolen and Found Pets in Tameside & Glossop

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Useful Contacts

Your local authority will have the name, address and telephone number of the holding kennels and may know of other animal rescue organisations in your area. Its a good idea to visit them every day if possible – especially if they deal with very large numbers of strays.

Please remember to inform everyone if a lost animal is found or a found animal has been reunited with his/her family.

Cats, Dogs and other Animals

  • All your local rescues and shelters
  • All the vets in your area www.any-uk-vet.co.uk
  • As many internet pet lost and found websites as you can such as:
  • Social Media – Many lost pets have been reunited with the help of tools such as Facebook and Twitter. Set up a Facebook page (you need a personal account to do this) and share it as much as you can.
  • Local Shops – ask if you can put up posters etc.
  • Local refuse collectors, street cleaners, postmen, taxi drivers and milkmen – all are regularly out and about the area and may have seen him/her.
  • Local Press
  • The Police
  • The local Highways or your Local Authority’s Refuse Department (in case of a road traffic accident)

Specifically Dogs

  • Contact Tameside Dog Wardens or Glossop Dog Wardens
  • Contact Manchester Dogs home as the above dog wardens take dogs there.
  • If outside of Tameside & Glossop visit your local and neighbouring authority websites as many who still  employ their own dog wardens now list found dogs along with their photographs.


  • Before going on holiday PLEASE check your outbuildings, sheds, garages and wheelie bins are not sheltering a curious cat.
  • If you think you’ve found a stray cat download our paper collar s/he may already have a home and be making a neighbourly call.